Education Program

The education program is recommended for Grades 5-9. 

In conjunction with the film, the standards-based education program is designed to display a panoramic picture of humanity and raise awareness about homelessness, in the hope that young people will be moved to take action to promote social justice.

The film can trigger emotional attachment to the characters and the story, fostering empathy. Arts-focused lessons deepen the social emotional learning in traditional disciplinary instruction while supporting cognitive mastery. 

If you are interested in speaking engagements with the director, members of the cast or community leaders,
please contact us, and we can design an event for you.

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Play Date EDUCATION Kit Contents:

- Digital Download of Play Date (or the DVD for an additional fee)

- 50-page facilitator and curriculum guide with four core subjects:
English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies & Visual and Performing Arts

- Community Program (for children and adults) included upon request

- Play Date Theatrical Poster

- Educational and public performance license for your institution


How To Use the Film and education program

  • Show the film and standards-based edu. program to engage your students and offer a positive, empathetic perspective on homelessness and social justice.

  • Add the film to your events calendar and invite the community to join the discussion. It's a powerful way to combat negative stereotypes about homelessness and empower people of all ages to rethink their perspective.

  • Add the film to your library's collection and make it available to everyone with an interest in homelessness, social justice and public health.

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How Licensing Works

  • There is a licensing fee to screen the film and use the education program at your organization. You are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate license for your institution.

  • As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to keep producing meaningful work and offering them to the public.

  • Please contact us directly if you have any questions or are currently experiencing financial hardship but are interested in screening Play Date. We are always happy to assist you.

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“Play Date creates SO many avenues to incorporate it into our children’s education and their outlook on life and service… LOVED IT!”

Paul S., Middle School Teacher