Play Date

Play Date: A Short Film and Education Program

Our mission is to raise awareness about homelessness, create empathy and
inspire action in our schools and communities.

 When a little girl discovers a woman WHO’s EXPERIENCING HOMELESSness in her backyard she invites her inside for a play date, and her busy parents are too distracted to notice.


About Play Date

Play Date, a modern day fable is an award-winning short film that reminds us that everyone has a story. The inspiration for the film came to writer/director, Paige Morrow Kimball as she witnessed LA’s growing homeless population. The theme that “homelessness is in our backyards and yet it remains invisible” was the springboard to this magical family film.

The film swept the festival circuit garnering awards at top festivals and sparked open conversations about homelessness in its audiences. The educational program was created to continue the conversation and inspire empathy in students and communities.

The film stars Terry Walters (La La Land), Tami Roman (Basketball Wives), Marcius Harris (The Crossing) and introduces Isabella Spencer as Emma in her first role.

Total run time: 15 minutes

Winner of Three Best Short Film Awards, Two Audience Favorite Awards, One Best Acting Award, and a prestigious prize from the Hendricks Foundation.

"I hope this film will open people's eyes to homelessness and
remind them that everyone has a story."

Paige Morrow Kimball - Writer, Director, Producer


community licensing

Join community centers and other organizations that are using Play Date to inspire positive change in their communities.

educational licensing

Educational institutions such as K-12 schools and universities are using Play Date to educate students about homelessness, social justice and filmmaking.

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Donations allow our staff at Makazan Films to distribute Play Date and create more independent films to inspire social change. Any amount is appreciated. 


“Play Date helps us understand
the dignity of people experiencing homelessness and teaches us how
to move forward into action.”

Hank B. at Napa Valley Film Festival